– Salmon and red tuna carpaccio

– Anchoives marinated in vinegar

– Melon with iberian ham

– Iberian han (Guijuelo)

– Aged cheese 

– Prawns pil-pil

– Small sauteed clams with garlic and white wine

– Galician sauteed Clams with garlic and white wine

– Samll clams from Málaga (Coquinas)

– Mariniere style or steamed mussles (400gr)

– Grilled Shrimps 170gr. 



salads and soups 

– Mixed Salad

– Tomato, onion and canned tuna belly salad

 – Roasted pepper salad

– Seafood salpicón

– Avocado with prawns

– Spinach salad with goat cheese and red fruits

– Chicken salad with remoulade sauce 

– Gazpacho

– Tomado soup with melted cheese

– Fish and seafood soup


Fried Fish

– Marinated and fried dogfish

– Fried ring squids 

– Fried anchovies

– Lemon anchovies

– Fried whitebaits with fried egg and roast red pepper salad

– Fried baby squids

– Fried white fish with ali-oli

Fish grilled or Fish in sauce

– Grilled sardines

– Grilled White fish fillets 

– Grilled salmon

– Cod in green sauce 

– Red tuna stew (Suquet)

– Grilled sole

– Grilled octopus

– Turbot with a sauteed of sugared tomatoes, ham prawns

– Grilled king prawns 250gr. 

– Fish and seafood casserol (Stew) 

Fish and seafood by weight

– Gilt head

– Red Sea Bream 

– Squid 

– Sea Bream 

– Sea Bass

– Red Mullets 

– Turbot

– Sole

– Lobster (Bogavante) 

– Red king prawns 

– Lobster (Langosta) 


– Chicken and vegetable paella

– Mixed paella

– Fish and seafood paella

– Black rice

– Noodles paella 

– Special seafood paella (red king prawns, prawns, tiger prawns, crayfish)


– Cald rice with lobster.

– Cald rice with red king prawns.


– Escalope of Chicken 

– Chicken on Green Curry sauce 

– Sautéed Veal Sirloin with Teriyaki sauce and fresh vegetables

– Pork sirloin in sweet Málaga style sauce 

– Beef entrecôte (400 gr.)

– Roasted Leg of Lamb

Pasta & Eggs

– Spaghetti Bolognese

– Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and prawns

– Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and prawns

– Broken eggs with Iberian ham


“Come and try our desserts which are constantly renewed. Every day the waiter will present you all our elaborations”